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In the age of globalisation, one of the most important and discussed issues, around which the future of the economy and politics revolve, is absolutely that of Environmental Sustainability.

In a production system such as the current one, dedicated to unbridled consumerism, attention to the environment has become central, and with it the idea that optimising the consumption of resources would not only lead to better economic results, and therefore higher profits, but would also make it possible to greatly reduce the impact of economic activities on our planet.

The preservation of the planet and the concept of a circular economy are now asserting themselves very strongly, undoubtedly representing two essential levers in the world of design as well.


Making design products means choosing very carefully the quality materials and tools to be used in the production process. The creation of a top-quality product often involves several additional revision and correction stages before it is completed and this, in the long run, can lead to enormous waste in terms of both energy and materials.

In spite of all this, Kupletto today represents one of the very few design companies worldwide whose products are composed almost entirely of recycled material. Our idea has always been to combine products of excellent workmanship with great attention to environmental impact. Hence, the IPPR certification, issued by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics, obtained by our products.

Every day, the use of recycled material allows us to contribute to reducing the environmental impact resulting from the production of plastic industrial waste, which we optimally exploit, acting as a real creative impulse for the creation of new products and new designs.

By exploiting this particular type of production, Kupletto is able to create an exclusive and unrepeatable product: thanks to the use of recycled materials, each of our creations is characterised by a unique and original colouring.