Kupletto is not just an object, it is a concept. It is designed to save space and to put two products together in a variety of combinations.
Having a Kupletto at home is more than just owning a piece of furniture, it is an entire experience. The fact that it can be arranged in multiple combinations makes it almost a game.
In fact, Kupletto can be combined in 3 different ways: it can be a coffee table, a standing dining table or two different chairs. By also using the internal containers (which also become stools), the combinations are further multiplied, allowing you to transform your favourite environment to your liking, every day.


The Origins
When I moved to Paris 6 years ago, I realised that everyone around me lived in a tiny house, including me!
I lived in a 20sqm studio apartment where it was impossible to use tables and chairs every day, considering that the bedroom was also the living room.
In fact, I used the bed to dine on the table, as I did not have enough space for a chair. And when I had guests, the table was also unusable and people sat on the bed.
That was the first time I had the idea of a chair that could also be used as a table, when needed.
Chair or stool, the choice is yours.
The shape of the Kupletto is designed so that two chairs fit together perfectly in order to be able to combine them as a coffee table or eat standing. The 8.6° angle of the backrest and equally of the underside of the Kupletto was considered during the design phase to be the best angle to guarantee the ergonomics and stability of the chair at the same time. Imagine how much space you can save with Kupletto! Instead of always having the table in the middle of your living room, with our solution you can transform Kupletto into a designer storage unit in no time at all, until the next use, the perfect solution to optimise space while having fun.